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Gardens By The Bay Singapore

Explore the Gardens By The Bay in Singapore

I haven't had the opportunity to visit Singapore over the past fifteen years, but I am always amazed when I see images, videos, or shows of how the city has continued to grow. One of these I came across recently is this video about the Gardens By The Bay. This 250-acre park is definitely "wicked cool."
Inside Titanic

Explore the RMS Titanic from the Inside

This is the first in a new series of posts to share things I come across that are, in the vernacular of my Boston youth, "wicked cool". Found a great video that does a complete 3D tour of how the RMS Titanic was built. It definitely had me saying "wicked cool."
Belvedere Vodka Presents Daniel Craig Header

Shaken Not Stirred…

This new marketing campaign by Belvedere featuring Daniel Craig got a lot of play in the media over the weekend. The centerpiece is an upbeat and engaging commercial that shows Craig "as himself." When it came across my daily feed on Uncrate.com this weekend, I definitely had to watch.
Lunar Eclipse Nov 2022

Lunar Eclipse November 2022

Not as dramatic as the view from some parts of the world, but the November 2022 lunar eclipse here in Tallahassee was pretty stunning this morning. Remember to vote today if you haven't already!
The Copper Works Newlyn Website header showing artist at work and some amazing pieces

Wow! The Copper Works Newlyn

The Copper Works Newlyn and the craftsman at its heart, Michael Johnson, was featured on an Escape to the Country episode we were watching today. Pretty amazing.

Recommended—Publix Cranberry Honey Cookies

One of the indulgences my wife and I like to share is a good cookie. Recently, we discovered the Cranberry Honey Cookies being baked by Carlos, the Assistant Bakery Manager at our neighborhood Publix.
Christmas 2019 Ad | John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners


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