When Did I Get Old — This Friday’s Song

This Friday’s song is “When Did I Get Old” by Derek Dove and the Peacemakers. It has been a tough couple of weeks with my mother-in-law breaking her hip and me having another bout of Covid after spending a week at the hospital with her. Not sure how this song came across the stream this week, but it seemed apropos.

I understand the problems my family has are small compared to what many people face. When I think about the challenges some of my family and friends, like Scott and Sue Berry and Julie Engelken, are facing with courage and grace, it is a good reminder to keep things in perspective and thank God for your blessings.

Just need to get a couple of nights of decent sleep, get my head out of my butt, and take things on one thing at a time. In the meantime, hope you enjoy “When Did I Get Old.”

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