Recommendations for shows and movies we have enjoyed (or not!)

Above Suspicion TV Series

Above Suspicion — What We Are Watching

Our latest watch is another British crime drama, Above Suspicion, which we are watching on Acorn TV. Above Suspicion is based on a book series written by Lynda La Plante who also wrote the Prime Suspect series.
Fixer to Fabulous

Fixer to Fabulous — What We Are Watching

Our latest find is Fixer to Fabulous on HGTV. The show follows Bentonville, Arkansas, husband-and-wife Jenny and Dave Marrs as they overhaul old homes in Northwest Arkansas.
Waking the Dead

Waking the Dead — What We Are Watching

Just started Waking the Dead. It is a British crime drama series produced by the BBC. It features a fictional London-based Cold Case unit composed of CID police officers, a psychological profiler, and a forensic scientist. It premiered in 2000.

Murder City — What We’re Watching

Latest show we are watching is Murder City, a British crime drama from 2004. We started watching because one of the leads is Kris Marshall from Death in Paradise.
New Tricks

What We’re Watching — New Tricks

Just added another BritBox British crime drama called New Tricks to our watch list. We just finished the first episode. The dynamics between the characters is really enjoyable. So far, recommended...

What We Are Watching — Taggart

My wife usually doesn't like to watch older shows except for the Waltons, Little House on the Prairie, and Friends. The other night she picked the Scottish crime drama, Taggart, which debuted in 1983.
McDonald & Dodds

McDonald & Dodds Watch List Recommended

British detective dramas seem to be our choice to escape all the angst and silliness that seems to dominate American television today. Our latest find is McDonald and Dodds on Britbox. It features an "odd couple" pairing as leads.