Recommendations for shows and movies we have enjoyed (or not!)

No Offence — What We’re Watching

Our latest find on Acorn TV is No Offence, a British police procedural set in Manchester. The storylines are fast-paced, gritty and irreverent in tone. Worth checking out!
Redemption Featured Image

Redemption — What We’re Watching

Our latest Britbox find is a new Irish show, Redemption. This is a police drama set in Dublin. The supporting cast is solid. The scripts are pretty well written. We would recommend adding it to your watch list.
Signora Volpe Banner

Signora Volpe — What We’re Watching

Signora Volpe is a new series on Acorn TV that we watched last month. They took the premise for Under the Tuscan Sun and made it a wrapper for a crime drama featuring a disillusioned British spy. As strange as that sounds, they blend an appealing setting, engaging characters, and some interesting storylines into an entertaining show.
The Good Karma Hospital

The Good Karma Hospital — What We’re Watching

We just started The Good Karma Hospital on Acorn TV. This medical drama follows doctor Ruby Walker who travels from England to India looking for a job and a distraction from a bad breakup. Arriving at an under-resourced hospital, Ruby must learn to cope with her eccentric patients and coworkers.
Jo on Acorn TV

Jo — What We’re Watching

Our latest watch is Jo, an English language French police procedural series. It stars Jean Reno in his first TV role. Some cool Paris shots, but we can really only recommend this a "filler."
The Chelsea Detective on Acorn

The Chelsea Detective — What We’re Watching

The Chelsea Detective is a new Acorn TV original that was released last week. It is a police procedural set in the posh Chelsea neighborhood of London. We enjoyed Episode 1 and will be watching the rest of the series.
Sister Boniface Mysteries

Sister Boniface Mysteries — What We’re Watching

Our latest BritBox find is the Sister Boniface Mysteries. This Father Brown spinoff is a light-hearted murder mystery set deep in the 1960s British countryside. It stars Lorna Watson as a clever, Vespa-driving, crime-solving Catholic nun.
Martin Clunes Islands of America on Acorn TV

Islands of America — What We Are Watching

We wanted to take a little break from all of the "mystery, mayhem and death" shows that we have been watching on BritBox and Acorn TV lately. We found some travelogues featuring Martin Clunes that filled the bill.
Shetland Featured Image

Shetland — What We Are Watching

Our latest British crime show find is Shetland. It is set in Shetland off the northern coast of Scotland. The plotlines and characters are engaging and the setting is stunning. Recommended for your watch list.
Wycliffe on Britbox Featured Image

Wycliffe — What We Are Watching

Our latest find on BritBox is Wycliffe, a police procedural that originally aired from 1993 to 1998. Many of the shows from this period seem dated, but we are enjoying this one so far.

Dalgliesh — What We Are Watching

Our latest Acorn TV find is Dalgliesh, a new series that was just launched.  It is based on the Adam Dalgliesh novels by P.D. James. If you like British crime mysteries, we recommend putting this one on your watch list.