Recommendations for shows and movies we have enjoyed (or not!)

Wycliffe on Britbox Featured Image

Wycliffe — What We Are Watching

Our latest find on BritBox is Wycliffe, a police procedural that originally aired from 1993 to 1998. Many of the shows from this period seem dated, but we are enjoying this one so far.

Dalgliesh — What We Are Watching

Our latest Acorn TV find is Dalgliesh, a new series that was just launched.  It is based on the Adam Dalgliesh novels by P.D. James. If you like British crime mysteries, we recommend putting this one on your watch list.
Suspects on Acorn TV

Suspects — What We’re Watching

Our latest find on Acorn TV is Suspects, a British police procedural show that aired from 2014-2016. There are five seasons (or series as the British refer to them).
Manhunt staring Martin Clunes

Manhunt — What We Are Watching

Our latest find on AcornTV is the show Manhunt. It features Martin Clunes from Doc Martin. Clunes plays DCI Colin Sutton, the lead detective on two cases investigated by the Met that captivated Britain.
Maigret featuring Michael Gambon

Maigret — What We Are Watching

We enjoyed the 2016 Maigret series with Rowan Atkinson last year. Decided to watch the version starring Michael Gambon that was released in the early 1990s.
Line of Duty

Line of Duty — What We’re Watching

Watching series 1 of Line of Duty. We had started this a couple of times before, but never stuck with it. This time we decide to push forward. There are six series so far, so expect we will be watching for a bit.
Fixer Upper Welcome Home Banner

Fixer Upper Welcome Home — What We’re Watching

We signed up for Discovery+ to check out some of the shows being produced by Chip and Joanna Gaines under their new Magnolia Network brand. Their original show, Fixer Upper, was a favorite of ours and I have closely followed how they have built out their business and their brand.

Unforgotten — What We Are Watching

Just started watching Unforgotten. This is a British crime drama (yup, yet another one for us). It features a team of London detectives as they solve cold cases of disappearance and murder.