Valkyrie and Critical Mass

Another “back-dated” post being done in August 2023. I finished these in June 2023.

My latest “read” was actually the next two books in Craig Alanson’s Expeditionary Force series. Expeditionary Force is a space opera about how humanity is thrust into a galactic war following an alien invasion of Earth. The chief protagonists are Joe Bishop, a soldier in the United States Army, and Skippy, an advanced artificial intelligence from an ancient civilization who befriends Joe.

I started the series back in 2021. I picked it back up in 2021 and read books 2 through 8 which took me half way through the series. I took a break during the first few months of 2023. When I came back to it in May, I decided I would go through to the end of the series this summer . I read Valkyrie (Book 9) and Critical Mass (Book 10) in May and June. Both of these entries in the series had complex plotlines and big “cliffhangers” at the end.

Alanson’s world-building and story arcs are well done, but the best part of the series continues to be the interaction between the two main characters. I am continuing to enjoy the series and recommend it for anyone who likes the genre.

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