Vaccine Day 2

Vaccine Day

Got a call from the Leon County Department of Health. I had registered my mother-in-law Aida and myself for vaccination when the program was announced. On the call they were able to give us an appointment for the same day. It was set up as a “drive through” at the Fire Department training facility. The scheduling agent had all the information we needed. I downloaded the forms from the DOH website and had them filled out ahead of time. Be sure to confirm which vaccine you are getting. They are slightly different forms.

Vaccine Day 1

We got there about half an hour before our appointment. There was a fairly long line of cars. It did move along pretty well once we got in line. Process was well staffed and they knew what they were doing. It was cold, but everyone was pretty upbeat and focused on getting the job done.

Vaccine Day 2

After the shots, we pulled into a waiting area. This was also well organized so those that had to wait 15 minutes versus 30 were lined up correctly.

Want to thank the Leon County Department of Health team for a job well done!

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