John and Teresa visiting the Union Public House in Pensacola

Union Public House Revisited

Teresa and I revisited one of our Pensacola favorites, the Union Public House. We discovered it during our first trip to Pensacola in 2019. The food is Southern home-style with a contemporary twist. We enjoyed it so we decided to revisit when we were here last March. They had moved to a new downtown location. We had another really great meal. So it was on the list to visit when we scheduled this trip.

We arrived almost an hour early. They had a table ready for us anyway. We asked if they could switch us to one of the booths which they did. I had forgotten to request it when I made the reservation on Open Table. It is a comfortable, open room. It can get a little loud, but you have enough space that it is easy to converse and hear each other.

We usually try and select dishes we haven’t had before, but we really enjoyed the Tuna Tartare starter. It is served with a truffle soy vinaigrette. It also has seaweed, small sliced onions, Jalapenos, citrus slices, and rice crisps. The tuna was very fresh just like the first time we had the dish. We enjoyed the dish, but they went very light on the vinaigrette this time. The first time it enveloped the dish and was part of every bite. We did let our server know.

For the main course, our server recommended their signature Crispy Pork Shank or the Jerk Redfish. Both sounded great, but we decided to go with the pork. The pork was cooked perfectly. It fell off the bone and the skin was “Cuban” crispy. It is served with a smoked potato mash, sautéed brussel sprouts, bacon and onion marmalade, and a jus. Each component was very flavorful and complemented each other. We shared the dish and we were both feeling pretty “stuffed” at the end. We did wipe the bowl clean except for the bone.

We finished our meal with their classic southern Buttermilk Pie. This is served with a blueberry compote and a roasted corn ice cream. We had this on our first visit and wanted to retry because it was so unusual. Again, the plate was pretty much “licked” clean.

Our server was very attentive and the staff works together to make sure you have an enjoyable dining experience. Teresa and I like to try new places, but it is really great when you find someplace which consistently delivers on flavor, quality, and service. The Union Public House in Pensacola is definitely on our recommended list.

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