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My latest read was Total Mayhem by John Gilstrap. This is the 11th book in the Jonathan Grave series. This one was published in 2019. It builds on the core characters and element that are the foundation of the series. It does dramatically “up the ante” on the extralegal plotline and the action level is pretty intense. It will be interesting to see if Gilstrap is able to dial it back in future entries in the series.

Total Mayhem by John Gilstrap

Total Mayhem

John Gilstrap

America is under fire. One by one, simultaneous terror attacks have left the country reeling. The perpetrators are former Special Forces operatives working for ISIS. Jonathan Grave and his team are called to go undercover and eliminate the traitors. No need to collect intel. No need for arrest. Wipe them out—and get out.
The assaults are rehearsals for extreme disaster. A plot codenamed Retribution. One terrorist is willing to talk—for a price. Grave’s only resort is to slip into a dark web where everything can be exposed. Where the rules of engagement do not hold. The bombs have been set and Grave is the one being hunted. Unless he can save himself first, a terrorist plot of unimaginable scope will become history’s deadliest disaster . . .

Released June 25, 2019
323 pages

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