We Got Very Lucky

Intense weather is often a fact of life here in Florida. We experienced that when three tornadoes hit the Tallahassee area last Friday. Two of these merged into a single path in an area just north of where our home is. There was significant damage all across the city. One person was killed in their home. This video from StormChasingVideo.com shows a lot of the damage.

We got very lucky. We sustained tree damage and some damage on the back of our garage. You can see the path of the tornadoes and some shots from our home below. The City of Tallahassee did a great job getting crews mobilized to respond to power outages across the city. Our great governor, Ron Desantis, did an emergency declaration right away and got state resources activated to support the city and other local government entities.

These tornadoes are a great reminder of the immense raw power of nature and how quickly things can change. We are heading into hurricane season. Make sure you and your family are prepared.

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