Bye Mom by Chris Janson

This Friday’s Song — Bye Mom

For all the mothers that I know and, especially, for each of the amazing mothers I have been blessed to have in my life, this Friday’s song is “Bye Mom” by Chris Janson. I usually don’t pick a song by the same artist two weeks in a row, but last week’s song and this one both spoke to me.

Hope you enjoy “Bye Mom” by Chris Janson.

I know that’s just the way it is

When you’re all grown up but you’re still a kid

And you realize you’re somebody

That somebody loves more than themselves

And there’s a beauty in the innocence

Of not knowing that the time they’ve spent

Is more than one could ask for

And that’s a special kind of love

And it’s only there for a lifetime, then it’s gone

Yeah, it’s only there for a lifetime, then it’s gone

Songwriters: Brandon Lynn Kinney / Chris P. Janson
Bye Mom lyrics © Ole Media Management Lp, Peermusic Publishing

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