Things Dads Do by Thomas Rhett

Things Dads Do — This Friday’s Song

To bookend this Father’s Day week, this Friday’s song is Things Dads Do, a duet by Thomas Rhett and his dad, Rhett Akins. It is an emotional ballad that reminds you of both the joys and deep responsibility that comes with fatherhood. I have been listening to Rhett a lot lately. The “story” in this one is not as strong as some other Rhett ballads, but it hit home for me. The last graph of the song sums it all up.

Things dads do (Dad’s do)

You’ll think it’s crazy until you’re one too

And you’ll lose your mind (Your mind)

In a couple years, sleepin’ just three months time

But next thing you know, one’s five and one’s three

And one’s almost one and she’s cuttin’ her teeth

And you’re in his shoes

And you’re startin’ to

Do more than a few things dads do

Thomas Rhett, Rhett Akins, Chase McGill, Matt Dragstrem

Rhett actually did a version of Things Dads Do on Instagram last year. You can watch that here. The first video below is the debut performance that Rhett did on the Grand Ole Opry’s live broadcast on Saturday, June 12th, 2021. The second is the released audio of the duet.

Hope you enjoy Things Dads Do!

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