The Walk — This Friday’s Song

This Friday’s song is “The Walk” performed by Sawyer Brown. The song was written by Mark Miller, the lead singer for the band. The song was released in June 1991. It was the third single from the album Buick. It was also included on their 1992 album The Dirt Road.

“The Walk” is a story about the cycle of life. It opens when a young boy is reluctant to walk down the driveway to his first day of school. His father holds his hand and assures him it will be OK. He tells his son he took the same walk with his father. In the next verse the boy is eighteen and ready to leave home. His father is there for him again and shares that he took the same walk with his father. In the last verse, the father and son are walking down the driveway again. The father is now old and the son is taking him to a nursing home. The son is sad. His father tells him it is ok. That he had taken the same walk with his father. That it is how it should be and all part of the cycle of life.

I was living in Sydney Australia when this song was released. It really struck a chord with me. I had lost my father when I was eight years old. I always wondered how different things might have been if he had been there to walk with me at key moments of my life. It is something I always tried to remember when I became a father.

I have shared the official audio version and a copy of the original video which was done in black and white. Hope you enjoy “The Walk” by Sawyer Brown.

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