The Parisian Agency — What We’re Watching

We watched The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties on Netflix last month. Teresa and I will usually have a real estate or home improvement show in our streaming mix. Escape to the Country on BBC has been a mainstay for us, but we have watched all of the seasons currently available on our streaming services. We have tried a couple of American reality shows about high-end real estate, but we found the “angst” from and between the featured agents just annoying. It took away from seeing the featured properties and locations. When The Parisian Agency came up on our Netflix featured choices we almost passed on watching it because of these other shows and the fact it is filmed in French with English subtitles. We decided to watch the first episode because it was based in Paris. Turned out we were wrong. It was a great show to watch.

The Kretz family from The Parisian Agency

The Parisian Agency stars a family of seven: Olivier and Sandrine Kretz, their four sons Martin, Valentin, Louis, and Raphaël, and the children’s grandmother, Majo.  The parents and three older sons all work together at their independent luxury real estate agency, Kretz & Partners. It first premiered as “L’Agence,” in September 2020 on TMC in France and Monaco. It was released as a Netflix Original in June 2021.

The Parisian Agency is an evolution of the American TV luxury lifestyle reality show. It is set in interesting places including Paris, other parts of France, and the French Caribbean. It features an interesting and likable family that works closely together to provide exceptional service to their clients and grow their business. While interpersonal relationships and other challenges are part of the show, the focus of the show is on the incredible homes rather than on side dramas. The family stories complement and extend the show rather than taking it over.

Two seasons of the show are currently available on Netflix. The first season has five episodes and the second has six episodes. The show is easy to watch even if you don’t speak French. They did a fabulous job with the English subtitles. It is very easy to stay engaged with the show. A third season has not been announced yet.

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