The Painter — This Friday’s Song

This Friday’s song is “The Painter” by Cody Johnson. I have shared a few of his songs before. He released this new single that is clearly headed for #1 on the airplay charts. His West Texas style is appealing and brings back many memories of my time living in Houston, Austin, and Dallas. Besides being easy to listen to, this song expresses how I feel about my wife Teresa, and how beautiful life has been since she came into mine. The chorus says this better than I ever could.

I don’t remember
Life before she came into the picture
Brought the beauty I was missin’ with her
Showed me colors I ain’t ever seen

She took chances
With every wall I built, she saw a canvas
I thank God every day for how He made her
My life was black and white, but she’s the painter

Benjy Davis, Kat Higgins and Ryan Larkins

Hope you enjoy “The Painter” by Cody Johnson. To my darling wife, thank you for bringing color back into my life.

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