The Little Things by George Strait

The Little Things — This Friday’s Song

This Friday’s song is “The Little Things” by George Strait. This new song was released today. It will be the second song on Strait’s upcoming album Cowboys and Dreamers. This sweet, simple ballad is classic George Strait.

The secret to life, hey, we all wanna find it
But the more I look, the more that I’m reminded
What we want is always right there, hiding
In all the little things…

Take everythin’ and drop it
For a baby that needs rockin’ back to sleep
I guess all I really want to say
Don’t let the big get in the way
Of the little things, mmm
Oh, little things

George Strait, Monty Criswell, Bubba Strait

It is a great reminder to stop and remember what is truly important. Hope you enjoy “The Little Things” by George Strait.

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