The Last Great Love Song

Finbar Furey‘s “The Last Great Love Song” came across my stream last week. It is a heartfelt ballad that delves into the enduring power of love and its ability to withstand the trials of time. The song paints a picture of a love that has weathered storms and emerged stronger, a love that has deepened with each passing year.

I first came across Finbar Furey when he and his brother played with the Clancey Brothers in the late sixties. They later formed the band “The Furies” with two of their brothers and had a series of hits. Their songs were covered by a lot of the bands that I saw at The Black Rose and other Irish bars in Boston.

In a world that often seems filled with cynicism and doubt, “The Last Great Love Song” offers a glimmer of hope, a reminder that love can conquer all. It’s a song that speaks to the heart, a song that reminds us of the power of love to make our lives richer and more meaningful.

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