The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan

The Great Hunt by Robert Jordon — Latest Read

Finished up the second book in The Wheel of Time series, The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan. It’s actually my third Wheel of Time novel since I read the prequel New Spring first. Like the other books in the series, this one is a “long” read with a prologue and fifty chapters. They “move” slower than I expect for this kind of read.

The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan Cover

The Great Hunt by Robert Jordon

The Wheel of Time (Book 2)

“Death is lighter than a feather, duty heavier than a mountain.”

For centuries, gleemen have told the tales of The Great Hunt of the Horn. So many tales about each of the Hunters, and so many Hunters to tell of…

Now the Horn itself is found: the Horn of Valere long thought only legend, the Horn which will raise the dead heroes of the ages.

And it is stolen.

In pursuit of the thieves, Rand al’Thor is determined to keep the Horn out of the grasp of The Dark One. But he has also learned that he is The Dragon Reborn—the Champion of Light destined to stand against the Shadow time and again. It is a duty and a destiny that requires Rand to uncover and master magical capabilities he never imagined he possessed.

When a second body is found, terror grips the close-knit community and Ryan must uncover the killer who walks among them, before they strike again…

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