The Good Karma Hospital

The Good Karma Hospital — What We’re Watching

We just started The Good Karma Hospital on Acorn TV. This medical drama follows doctor Ruby Walker who travels from England to India looking for a job and a distraction from a bad breakup. Arriving at an under-resourced hospital, Ruby must learn to cope with her eccentric patients and coworkers.

Ruby Walker is played by Amrita Acharia who you will remember from Game of Thrones. Amanda Redman, who played Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman in the series New Tricks, co-stars as Dr Lydia Fonseca. The story is set in southern India. It was actually filmed in Sri Lanka. The beauty of the setting is blended well into the arc of the story, especially with the beach scenes. The storylines are well-paced, there is good chemistry with the cast, and angst is kept to a minimum.

The Good Karma Hospital is a nice break from the crime dramas. There are four seasons, so we will be watching it for a bit. We are enjoying it so far and recommend adding it to your watch list.


  1. I can’t recall whether I’ve recommended this previously, but the series “Counterpart,” positing a dimensional bifurcation of the world beginning in the late eighties, is well worth a look. I think it’s available on Bezos Prime.

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