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The Boat of a Million Years — Latest Read

My latest read was The Boat of a Million Years by Poul Anderson. The novel tells the story of the lives of group people who are immortal. It begins in Neolithic times when the first immortal is born to the far distant future. Each character is introduced in the early part of their lives as they discover they stopped aging sometime in their twenties. The stories intertwine as they try and find others like themselves. It was an interesting concept, but I found it a pretty slow read till the last quarter of the book. Not sure it hooked me enough to put more Poul Anderson books on my virtual TBR shelf.

The Boat of a Million Years by Poul Anderson

The Boat of a Million Years

Poul Anderson

The immortals are ten individuals born in antiquity from various cultures. Immune to disease, able to heal themselves from injuries, they will never die of old age—although they can fall victim to catastrophic wounds. They have walked among mortals for millennia, traveling across the world, trying to understand their special gifts while searching for one another in the hope of finding some meaning in a life that may go on forever.

Released January 1, 1989
470 pages

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