Thai Place Tallahassee Inside

Thai fix at the Thai Place

Teresa and I were in the mood for a quick break from dieting, so we decided to grab lunch at the Thai Place on Kerry Forest. We discovered this little gem just after we moved to Tallahassee a few years back. I had to get an iPhone repaired and the repair place I found was in the same area. Since we had to wait about an hour for the phone, we decided to try out the Thai Place. Although we have discovered a couple of other nice Thai restaurants here in Tallahassee since then, this one is a favorite.

We did a quick check before driving up to North Tallahassee. It had been a while since we had visited. We were glad to see they were still open. As you can see, Thai Place is a small room with about a dozen tables. There was one other couple having lunch with the owner while we were there. We shared two of their lunch specials. These start off with soup and veggie spring roll. We both had the basil wonton soup, but they also have a tofu soup. We had a Pad Thai and Massaman Curry, both medium hot. You have a choice of protein with each dish. We had chicken in both. Teresa really loves their Pad Thai. She says it is very “smooth.” Everything was well prepared with great flavor profiles and the service was attentive, as it has been on every visit.

The Thai Place on Kerry Forest is highly recommended when you need a “Thai fix!” We all need to support our favorite local businesses through these very challenging times.

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