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Are You Up to Speed on Amazon Sidewalk

A recent post on Engadget is a good overview of Amazon Sidewalk.  Worth a read if you have Amazon Echo devices in your home.  This function will be enabled by default when Sidewalk is deployed


Saw a bunch of articles in my Feedly news stream about increasing reports of battery swelling damaging Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones. Took the case off my Pixel 3 XL. It was "busted".

Breaking what works…

Just a note to thank folks at Google who managed to break something that worked really well.
New Facebook Interface

New Facebook Interface

Always interesting when Facebook changes things up. Just got offer to switch to beta today. Like it? Hate it?
John Charles Fleming

Building a New Site

Kicking off the work to build a new personal site that will replace my old one, One of the project goals is to get practical experience using the Gutenberg editor and evaluate how we will use for product development…