Randy Meisner of the Eagles

Take It to the Limit — This Friday’s Song

This Friday’s song is “Take It to the Limit” by the Eagles. I picked it because this is the only single by the Eagles where Randy Meisner, who passed away last week, sang the lead. I picked the official audio version which was remastered in 2018 and a live version to share.

The summer before this song was released, I took a break from college. I was frustrated with college life and wasn’t really sure what direction I wanted my life to take. After moving back to Boston, I got a job and an apartment. The Eagles were a favorite and I had them on the 8-track in my 75 Camero a lot. After about a year, I realized that punching a clock for the rest of my life was probably not for me. I went back to school and discovered I had a talent for programming. That set the direction for my career.

Hope you enjoy “Take it to the Limit” featuring Randy Meisner of the Eagles.

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