WordPress 6.1 Misha

Upgrading to WordPress 6.1 “Misha”

I am in the process of deploying the latest release of WordPress to our sites and the ones my company, Outcome Labs, manages for clients. The WordPress platform has been a great tool for me for fifteen years. It has enabled me to learn, to publish, to connect, and to grow a business.
WordPress Block Editor Tutorial

Recommended WordPress Block Editor Tutorial

I use WordPress for this site and extensively at work. The WordPress Block Editor has dramatically changed how WordPress sites are developed since it was integrated in 2018. If you haven't worked with it, here is a solid overview by Jamie Marsland of Pottlepress. Worth a watch.
John Charles Fleming

Building a New Site

Kicking off the work to build a new personal site that will replace my old one, keysperspectives.com. One of the project goals is to get practical experience using the Gutenberg editor and evaluate how we will use for product development…