Jonathan Grave Thrillers

End Game by John Gilstrap

End Game

I decided to stick with John Gilstrap's Jonathan Grave series for another read. End Game is the sixth book in the series. Like the previous novels, this one is filled with action and military tech. The plot is complex but the story pace keeps you engaged. All in all, another good entry for fans of the genre.
High Treason John Gilstrap

High Treason

My latest read was High Treason by John Gilstrap. This book leverages all of the key elements of a Gilstrap story. High Treason does have a very complex plot that pushes the "believability boundaries." It is also long at over 500 pages. Despite that, it was an enjoyable read and I expect to continue with the series.
Title of Damage Control by John Gilstrap cropped from book cover

Damage Control — Latest Read

Finished up my latest read, Damage Control by John Gilstrap, on Thursday night. This is Book 4 in the Jonathan Grave Thriller series. Very similar to the earlier books if you like techno thriller "good guys vs bad guys" stories.
Threat Warning by John Gilstrap Featured Image

Threat Warning — Latest Read

Finished up Threat Warning which is the third book in the Jonathan Grave series by John Gilstrap. This one took shortcuts with both character and storyline development. Will probably read one more to see if it gets back to the level of the first two books.

No Mercy — Latest Read

My latest read was No Mercy by John Gilstrap. It is the first book in his Jonathan Graves series. Jonathan Grave is a wealthy ex-Delta Force soldier who owns a private security company. Overall, I give it a 4/5 rating and expect I will try a couple more books in the series.