Devin Gray Series

Devin Gray Series

Wide Awake — Latest Read

My latest read was Wide Awake by Steven Konkoly. This is the third book in the Devin Gray series. This one was a very fast read. There was lots of military tech and action like the earlier books. The plot development was shallow and predictable.
Coming Dawn

Coming Dawn — Latest Read

Just finished Coming Dawn by Steven Konkoly. This new release is the second book in his Devin Grey series. This was another well-crafted techno-thriller. If you are a Clancy or Child fan, you should check it out!
Deep Sleep by Steven Konkoly Cover and Author Photo

Deep Sleep

Finished Deep Sleep by Steven Konkoly. This was an Amazon First Read from earlier this year. It is a brand new series from Konkoly with a new lead character, Devin Gray. It does bring back some characters and story arcs from his earlier series. It clearly played to the news cycle's focus on Russia after the invasion of Ukraine.