Spring Cleaning Feb 2021 (1)

Spring Cleaning in the Garden

It has been a very wet winter here in Tallahassee this year. This weekend the weather pattern changed and we had clear weather. It is still pretty cold in the mornings (low 40s F), but the afternoons warm up. I took the opportunity to start a bit of “spring cleaning” out in the garden. The live oaks and pine trees tend to shed a lot all winter.

While things do slow down a lot in January, the growing season never really ends, especially for the weeds. This bed is on the side of our garage. When we bought the house, we had to remove some pretty mature shrubs to waterproof the foundation area. Teresa and I planted these hollies three years ago. They are slow-growing, but maturing well and really easy to care for.

After all the craziness, you ready to just get outside and enjoy nature?

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