Sometimes She Stays — This Friday’s Song

This Friday’s song is “Sometimes She Stays” by Kip Moore. This new song was just released as part of Moore’s fifth studio album Damn Love. Moore has been a favorite of ours since we saw him open for Eric Church in 2012 just after “Beer Money” was released. I have shared several of his songs as Friday songs over the past year.

“Sometimes She Stays” really spoke to me when I heard it. Since Mother’s Day will be this weekend, I would like to dedicate this to my wife Teresa. I probably would retitle it “Thank God She Stays”.

First time she heads back to her side of town
You’ll wanna call her when her car pulls out
You’ll think twice about chasin’ her down for one more kiss
It’ll be like God just painted your world
A whole new shade of whatever that girl’s got goin’ on
And it sure ain’t right when she’s gone

Sometimes she stays
Wrapped in that bed sheet negligee
Looking like Heaven fell down to earth
And life’ll never be the same ’cause of her
And one night turns into every day
Turns into one more toothbrush at your place
There’ll come time that you’ll turn around and never want it any other way

From “Sometimes She Stays” by Kip Moore

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