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Something Sexy About the Rain — This Friday’s Song

This Friday’s song is Something Sexy About the Rain by Kenny Chesney. This song was released in 2005 on the Be As You Are (Songs from an Old Blue Chair) album. This album was a side project for Chesney. It had no released singles. It focused on his island experiences and had a “tropical” feel that was very different from his more classic country work.

I really liked a number of the songs and they became part of several playlists for me. This album came out when I had started dating again after my first marriage ended. One of those relationships lasted about a year. She helped me understand that I was not broken and that I could love, trust, and be happy again. I think the songwriters of Something Sexy About the Rain express how I feel about her and the time we had together better than I ever could.

There’s somethin’ sexy ’bout the rain
She said as it came pourin’ down
It feels like kisses on my skin
She spread her arms and spun around
In a summer island storm
In a field of sugarcane
She taught me how and showed me why
There’s somethin’ sexy ’bout the rain

And sometimes it rained all night
And everything she did was perfect
Every way we were was right
We loved like there was no tomorrow
Then suddenly, tomorrow came
And it was raining at the airport
And kept on raining on the plane

She only loved me for a season
But my heart won’t ever be the same
Even now, her love’s the reason
There’s somethin’ sexy ’bout the rain

Songwriters: Donald R Ewing Ii / Kenneth Chesney
Something Sexy About The Rain lyrics © Sussman & Associates

Chesney never did a video of this song, so I included the official audio track. I also included a user video from a live concert in Dallas that he did in the rain. Hope you enjoy this Friday’s song, Something Sexy About the Rain.

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