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Shot Glass — This Friday’s Song

This Friday’s song is “Shot Glass” by Russell King. This is the title track to the West Texas native’s debut full-length major label album on Warner Music Nashville which was just released. King’s style is very traditional. He will appeal to fans of George Jones, Garth Brooks, and Alan Jackson. He definately appealed to me when I heard this song.

Shot Glass centers around a honky-tonk bar, with each song representing the perspective of one of the bar’s patrons. The title track features KIng’s mellow voice backed by fiddle and steel guitar. It has a solid emotional pull. The other tracks are worth a listen as well. These songs brought back lots of memories for me of going to Johnny B’ Daltons when it was located on 1960 in Houston. It’s where I learned the two step and waltz, made some great friends, and was smitten by more than one beautiful Texas cowgirl.

Will definitely be adding some King songs to my playlists. Hope you enjoy “Shot Glass” by Russell King.

Shot Glass by Russell King

All her love, her daydream eyes
Her first hello, her last goodbye
Now tell me how does all of that
Fit into a shot glass

It ain’t that wide, it ain’t that tall
But still somehow, it holds it all
So here’s to you and my broken past
Gonna shoot it down and not look back

Brett James and Tony Lane

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