Shetland Season 8

Shetland Season 8 — What We’re Watching

Our latest watch was the first episode of Season 8 of Shetland. We started watching this British crime drama early in 2022. It is based on the Shetland Island Mysteries series by Ann Cleeves. The series takes place in Shetland, an island archipelago off the Northern coast of Scotland.

This first seven season stared Douglas Henshall as Jimmy Pérez, a detective inspector working for the Scottish police. It also featured Alison O’Donnell as Detective Sergeant Alison “Tosh” Macintosh, and Steven Robertson as Detective Constable Sandy Wilson. Henshall left the series after series 7. He was replaced by Ashley Jansen who previously starred in Extras, Ugly Betty, and Agatha Raisin.

Jensen plays DI Ruth Calder, who reluctantly returns to Shetland after 30 years to find a murder witness. We figured they would have to find a way to have someone who was a “local” replace Jimmy Pérez. He was such a central part of the show, that we think you almost have to view this as a “new” show. Time will tell.

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