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Seven Wonders — This Friday’s Song

This Friday’s song is Seven Wonders by Fleetwood Mac. It was released in 1987 on the Tango in the Night album. It came at the end of a great ten-year run for the band that really launched with the 1977 release of the Rumours album. Its visual style and the musicians themselves show how much the baby-boom generation and our culture changed during that decade.

Seven Wonders by Fleetwood Mac

Coming of Age — Changing the world?

In 1987, I had moved to Plano, Texas, just north of Dallas, to join a team at Texas Instruments that was building a set of software development tools, the Information Engineering Facility. Like everything at TI, it used an acronym, IEF. The next five years were a great run for me. It was my personal “coming of age”. I got to work with some of the smartest people I ever met, got to travel the world (literally), learned I could present to large audiences, discovered that I could sell, and made friendships I cherish to this day. We truly felt like we were creating something that could change the world.

I had seen Stevie Nicks perform live a few years before in Austin. As a thirty-something guy at the time, how could you not be mesmerized by her? I had a couple of Fleetwood Mac CDs in my collection including “Tango”. I remember buying her solo CD Bella Donna just after I moved to Dallas. I had one of the apartments over the pool in the complex I lived in and it was on the “box” on a regular basis. It also got played a lot when I had the top down on my black RX-7 convertible.

Seven Wonders by Fleetwood Mac

Hope you enjoy. Here are earlier Friday song selections.

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