Scorpion Strike — Latest Read

My latest read was Scorpion Strike by John Gilstrap. This is the tenth book in the Jonathan Grave Thriller series. This one has a slightly different spin because Jonathan Grave is the one being rescued. It does build on the same primary characters and the other key elements of a Gilstrap thriller. It was a quick, enjoyable read.

Scorpion Strike by John Gilstrap Cover

Scorpion Strike

John Gilstrap

For Jonathan Grave and Gail Bonneville, the Crystal Sands Resort just off Mexico’s Pacific coast is the perfect getaway—until gunshots shatter the night. Wealthy guests are yanked out of their rooms and forced to submit to their captors’ demands. But Grave and Bonneville are no ordinary vacationers. The Russian mercenaries who invade their bungalow receive a deadly surprise. And the two skilled operatives escape into the jungle.

It won’t be long before the invaders turn this tropical paradise into a powder keg that will set off global chaos. Grave may be without weapons—and cut off from his usual tactical team—but he’s never without resources. Bold action is the only solution. Like the scorpion, Grave must strike fast and hard.

Released June 26, 2018
424 pages

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