2022 Leon County Election Guide

Ready to Vote?

Today will be the twenty-sixth time since 1972 I have voted in a Congressional election. This year we will vote to select a local representative to the US House of Representatives and one of the US Senators from Florida. The 26th amendment that gave US citizens the right to vote at 18 was passed in July 1971. Many people fought hard to extend this right and I have always felt it was my duty to exercise that right thoughtfully and responsibly.

2022 Leon County Election Guide

Here in Leon County, we will also be voting to select the Florida governor, other state executive positions, and our local representatives to the Florida House and Senate. We will be voting to confirm people who will serve as justices of the Florida Supreme Court and judges for the District Court of Appeals. We will also be voting to select the mayor of Tallahassee, three Leon County commissioners and two Leon County school board members. We are also voting on three amendments to the Florida state constitution.

We spent some time over the past few month researching what we could about the candidates and their positions. Unfortunately, much of the political advertising and media coverage is all about demonizing the other side which makes it difficult for us as voters to stay focused on evaluating the candidate’s public policy positions and how effectively they will be able to do the job WE send them to Washington or Tallahassee to do. It is a challenge every citizen who chooses to exercise their right to vote faces today and, I hope, works to overcome.

Spent some time doing a final review the election guide and sample ballot the Elections team here in Leon County prepared. Looking forward to completing this civic responsibility with my wife and son at our local polling place at lunchtime today. God bless the United States of America.

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