Reflections on what I am reading

9 Dragons by Michael Connelly Banner

9 Dragons — Latest Read

Just finished "9 Dragons" by Michael Connelly. This one has lots of momentum even for a Connelly story.
Mayflower by Nathaniel Philbrick Banner

Mayflower — Latest Read

Just finished up Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community, and War by Nathaniel Philbrick. This book explores the history of the Plymouth colony over a 71 year period from its charter in 1620 to its absorption into the larger Massachusetts Bay royal colony in 1691.
Dark Skies by LJ Ross Featured Image

Dark Skies by LJ Ross — Latest Read

Wrapped up February with Book 7 in the DCI Ryan Mysteries series, Dark Skies by LJ Ross. Ross builds on her signature mix of a stunning setting, fast-paced plot, and engaging characters.
The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan

The Great Hunt by Robert Jordon — Latest Read

Finished up the second book in The Wheel of Time series, The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan. Like the other books in the series, this one is a "long" read with a prologue and fifty chapters.
Cragside by LJ Ross Banner

Cragside by LJ Ross — Latest Read

Finished Cragside by LJ Ross over the holiday weekend. This was a quick read. Like most of LJ Ross's work, not the deepest, but a relaxing, enjoyable read.

High Force by LJ Ross — Latest Read

Just finished High Force by LJ Ross. The plot in this one is fairly intense since one of the main characters has been taken by a serial killer and the pace is fast.
The Closers by Michael Connelly

The Closers by Michael Connelly — Latest Read

Just finished The Closers by Michael Connelly. This is Book 11 in the Harry Bosch series. It is, essentially, a series reboot that brings Bosch back into the LAPD and returns to Connelly's classic third person narrative style.
A Memory Called Empire by Arkady Martine

A Memory Called Empire — Latest Read

Just finished the 2020 Hugo Award winner for Best Novel, A Memory Called Empire by Arkady Martine. Character development, plot line, world-building were pretty well done, but fell short as a "great read."
Angel by LJ Ross Banner

Angel by LJ Ross — Latest Read

Just finished Angel by LJ Ross. This is Book 4 in Ross's DCI Ryan Series. Like the previous books in the series, murder and mystery are peppered with romance and humor set amidst the spectacular Northumbrian landscape. Not for everyone, but an enjoyable read.