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Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck Palahniuk Quote — If We Can…

"If We Can" is a quote from Chuck Palahniuk highlighted by Tim Ferris this week. It asks questions that seem especially relevant as 2020 draws to a close.

Merry Christmas

Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas!
It Is Well With My Soul

It is Well with My Soul — This Friday’s Song

A few moments of prayer and reflection on Christmas Day 2020. This has been such a difficult, pain-filled year for so many. So on this Christmas morning, let's reflect together on how the human spirit can overcome anything as Horatio Spafford said so well in "It is Well With My Soul".

Preparing for Noche Buena

I have always been a Christmas morning guy. As many of you know, my wife and her family came to the United States from Havana, Cuba. As we combined our families, one of the traditions Teresa introduced Ryan and I to is Noche Buena.
The Italian | Hawthorne Bistro and Bakery Tallahassee

A Few Hours of ‘Almost’ Normal…

Wife and I got to have a few hours that seemed ‘almost’ normal today. We ran several long-overdue errands. All of the businesses we went to were following the Leon county mandated protocols on masks, density, social distancing, and cleaning. Other customers seemed to be abiding by the same and everyone was pretty patient and accommodating of those around them.
Zantac on shelves

Boy, Do I Miss My Zantac

Zantac has always been my go to remedy. When it got pulled last April, I was concerned about the effectiveness of the alternatives. Tonight, that concern was confirmed.
John Charles Fleming

Thanksgiving 2020 Perspective

I wrote this as the Thanksgiving 2020 message to our team at Outcome Labs, our clients, partners, and all their families. Thought I would share it here too.Teresa, Ryan and I wish each of you a safe and happy holiday.

Recommended—Publix Cranberry Honey Cookies

One of the indulgences my wife and I like to share is a good cookie. Recently, we discovered the Cranberry Honey Cookies being baked by Carlos, the Assistant Bakery Manager at our neighborhood Publix.

Time flies…

A little reminder on Facebook that it has been thirteen years since I moved to Florida full time. Almost seems like yesterday...

Memories from the trunk

My cousin Rand recently forwarded some pictures of my family and a letter written by my Dad from 1959/1960. I really appreciate him forwarding them on.
Lake at Southwood

Morning Walk

Did a pleasant 3 mile walk around Southwood this morning while the sun still hidden behind the cloud cover.
2020 New Year Shirts

Happy New Year!

One of our yearly traditions (since 2011) is a matching set of tee shirts to kick off the new year. This year's shirt is from Old Navy. It is very soft and a nice shade of green!