My perspectives on topics which don’t fit into one of my main interests.

Miami from the Air July 2021

Flying again…

Teresa and I took our first flight in over two years this week. It was just a short flight from Tallahassee down to Miami.
Declaration of Independence Header

We hold these truths…

Wishing everyone a safe and relaxed Independence Day holiday weekend. As you celebrate, take a few minutes to actually read the Declaration and reflect.
If You Are Reading This Memorial Day 2021

If You’re Reading This …

Please take a moment today to remember each of the men and women who left their lives and families behind to protect and defend our values, our way of life, our freedoms, and the Constitution of the United States.

Perspectives on a trip around the sun

May has always seemed more like the "start" of a year for me. It is probably because I have always used my birthday to reflect on the last year and plan the one ahead. Or maybe there is another reason?
The Copper Works Newlyn Website header showing artist at work and some amazing pieces

Wow! The Copper Works Newlyn

The Copper Works Newlyn and the craftsman at its heart, Michael Johnson, was featured on an Escape to the Country episode we were watching today. Pretty amazing.

Celebrating Our Tenth Anniversary

As with many things in the past year, our tenth anniversary was colored by the ongoing pandemic. Thought I would take a moment to share our experience and thank those who helped us celebrate.
Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flats

Bless the Broken Road — This Friday’s song

This Friday's Song is Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flats. Ten years ago today, I married my 'meant to be'. Thank you, my darling Teresa, for being who you are and for waiting for me at the end of that broken road.

2nd Shot in the Bank (well in the arm anyway)

My mother-in-law Aida and I got out second shot of the Covid-19 vaccine today. Another well-executed process by the Leon County Department of Health. Thanks to all for the hard work and a job well done.
Vaccine Day 2

Vaccine Day

Got a call from the Leon County Department of Health to schedule getting vaccine for my mother-in-law and I. Overall, went well. Good job by the Leon County DOH team.
One Habit

One Habit — Recommended Read

It is the first weekend of the new year and I have been thinking about habits I would like to form and ones I would like to break in 2021. There was a great piece about this on Art of Manliness today.
2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge

I set a goal of 24 books (2 a month) for 2020. Despite being pretty busy on both a personal and professional level i was able to accomplish this and actually exceeded my goal by quite a bit.
Passion Without a Plan

Passion Without a Plan…

Reading an excerpt from Known by Mark Schaefer. Haven't decide if it makes the Want To Read list just yet, but thought this quote was worth consideration.