Passion by Tonino Baliardo of the Gipsy Kings

Passion — This Friday’s Song

This Friday’s song is “Passion” by the Gipsy Kings. When we had our date night last week, they were playing the Gipsy Kings. It was a perfect choice to go with tapas. The band has been a favorite of mine since I first heard them at a harborside restaurant in Manly, Australia in 1992. It was a beautiful night and the music was piped outside. I bought my first Gipsy Kings CD, Mosaïque, the next day. I have been lucky enough to have seen them live on several occasions.

Passion is an instrumental piece with Tonino Baliardo playing the lead guitar. I chose the high-definition audio version from Mosaïque. This was released in April 1989. It was one of the songs that was played at the bar where I first heard them a few years later. I also included a new short take he is playing with Kema Baliardo. There are some live performance videos out on YouTube from the nineties with Tonino playing in his special chair that are a pleasure to watch as well.

Hope you enjoy Passion by the Gipsy Kings featuring Tonino Baliardo.

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