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Just finished Paradise, Book 3 ofthe Expeditionary Force series by Craig Alanson. This third book is two intertwined stories. The first story is told from the perspective of the crew of the Flying Dutchman which has been sent out on their third mission. As part of that mission, they are to find out the status of the humans stranded on Paradise. The second story is told from the perspective of some of the people who were stranded on Paradise.

Most of the characters from the first two stories are back in Paradise. A few new ones are introduced. Alanson continues to leverage the success factors from the first two books, especially the “pithy” dialog between Joe and Skippy. Another light, fun summer read.

Paradise by Craig Alanson


By Craig Alanson

Expeditionary Force Book 3 While the crew of the starship Flying Dutchman have been trying to assure that hostile aliens do not have access to Earth, the UN Expeditionary Force has been stranded on the planet they nicknamed ‘Paradise’. The Flying Dutchman is headed back out on another mission, and the UN wants the ship to find out the status of the humans on Paradise. But Colonel Joe Bishop warns that they might not like what they find, and they can’t do anything about it without endangering Earth.

Published October 30, 2017
283 pages (print)

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