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One Thing by Tami Neilson — This Friday’s Song

This Friday’s song is “One Thing” by Tami Neilson.  She is a Canadian-born, New Zealand-based country and soul singer/songwriter. She has an amazing voice very similar to Patsy Cline. Teresa and I were watching the latest episode of The Brokenwood Mysteries this week. They used a couple of her songs as part of the soundtrack, had placement for her latest album, and actually had a scene where she performed live.

We had never listened to Tami Neilson before. The first song in the episode was “Baby, You’re a Gun”. This had a very “True Blood” feel. The song caught our attention. We stopped to find out what song it was and who performed it.

We went to the Tami Neilson YouTube channel and watched a number of her videos. She has been in the industry for over a decade. I was really surprised we had never listened to her before. Her early work is very classic country. She has evolved and is much more soul/R&B today. She is definitely a personality.

I thought I would share one of her early releases called “One Thing.” “Baby, You’re a Gun”, which reflects her current style, is also linked to below. I expect I will share a few more of her songs in future Friday songs.

Hope you enjoy Tami Neilson!

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