More Than a Feeling by Boston

More Than A Feeling — This Friday’s Song

This Friday’s song is “More Than A Feeling” by Boston. This song was released in 1976 as the lead single on the band’s debut album. It was the bicentennial year in the US and that dominated a lot of pop culture. An unknown governor from Georgia, Jimmy Carter, was elected President that November. Viking 1 landed on Mars and a prototype for the Space Shuttle was unveiled. The Concorde flew its first commercial flight. Sylvester Stallone introduced us all to the underdog we all came to love, “Rocky”. Nadia Comaneci showed us talent and hard work could payoff with a “perfect 10.” A company called Apple Computer was launched.

“More Than A Feeling” brings back a lot of memories from that period in my life. I had taken a break from college and moved back to the North Shore of Boston the year before. I was sharing an apartment with a close friend, Mike Dunn. He and I had been grown up together in Saugus. I was working for Arthur Castraberti at the iconic Prince Pizzeria in Saugus. Mike and I had both worked there in high school and Arthur offered me a job when I came back from NY. I wasn’t sure what direction life would take me in at that point, but was independent, working hard, and having fun.

Hope you enjoy “More Than A Feeling” by Boston.

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