Match Game: Expeditionary Force #14

Just finished Match Game by Craig Alanson. This is book #14 in the Expeditionary Force series. I have been powering through the last half of this series all summer. This one moves the story in an unexpected direction as Alanson wraps up the series. Will be interesting to see how he ties it all up. It has been fun.

Match Game

Craig Alanson

For years, the ancient alien AI known as Skippy (the Magnificent, don’t forget that part) has been able to do one impossible thing after another. What is his secret? It’s simple: 100 percent Grade-A Extreme Awesomeness. And, also because he had never been faced with an opponent of equal power. Until now.

This time, he might need a little help from a band of filthy monkeys.

Released June 7, 2022
698 pages

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