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Our house is on the 12th hole of the Southwood golf course here in Tallahassee. Players tend to hit a bit to the right when they play the hole to avoid hitting onto the next fairway which wraps around on the left. On an average weekend, we usually find three or four lost golf balls in our yard. The good news is you have to really slice a ball and hit it pretty hard to come anywhere close to the house. We have had a couple of balls have actually hit the house, but no one ever managed to break anything.

Two weeks ago, Teresa and I heard a crash. We ran into my son’s room to make sure he was ok. We couldn’t figure out what had “crashed” till we went into his bathroom and found a broken window. The ball actually bounced back to the neighbor’s fence which is about 15 feet away, so it must have been hit on almost a direct line.

I got online and searched for window repair services here in town. I also asked other members of the Southwood Watch group on Facebook. One of the companies I found was Lowell’s Window Repair. They have been in business since 1995. They provided the ability to contact them through text and email (I did both to request a quote). I also contacted another company which looked solid as well. Lowell’s replied back by text and came out that day. They got the quote back that night. They ordered the replacement glass and had it installed in less than two weeks. Highly recommended!

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Lowell’s Window Repair has been providing Tallahassee & surrounding areas with quality window repair since 1995. We specialize in fogged glass replacement, balancer & lock repair, and sliding glass door repair.

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