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Latest Read – Ascendant

My latest read was Ascendant by Craig Alanson. This is book one of a three book series. I read his much longer Expeditionary Force series over the past couple of years. I enjoyed his storytelling, writing style and humor. This one is fantasy versus military Sci-Fi and focused on a YA audience, but I thought I would give it a try. It was an easy read and I expect I will read the rest of the series.

Ascendant by Craig Alanson


Craig Alanson

The Wizard’s Council of Tarador was supposed to tell young Koren Bladewell that he is a wizard. They were supposed to tell everyone that he is not a jinx, that all the bad things that happen around him are because he can’t control the power inside him, power he doesn’t know about. The people of his village, even his parents, are afraid of him, afraid he is cursed. That he is a dangerous, evil jinx. The Wizard’s Council didn’t tell young Koren, because they know what is best for him. Even after their silent deception destroys his life.

Crown Princess Ariana Trehayme will become queen of Tarador on her sixteenth birthday, if her weak, indecisive mother the Regent hasn’t allowed their ancient enemy to conquer Tarador before then. Ariana wants her royal army to strike at the enemy, but her mother knows what is best for her, and the realm.

Together, Ariana and Koren can save Tarador, if the adults, who know best, will get out of their way.

Released January 12, 2016
246 pages

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