Lady’s Well by LJ Ross — Latest Read

Just finished Lady’s Well by LJ Ross. This is book 20 in the DCI Ryan Mysteries series. This story is another easy read from Ross that blends an appealing cast of characters and the Northumberland setting. This story’s plot was shallower than earlier books in the series but will be an enjoyable read if you’re a fan.

Lady's Well by LJ Ross

Lady’s Well

LJ Ross

There’s something in the water…

When the ancient waters of Lady’s Well in the rural village of Holystone begin to run red, it seems to be a nasty Hallowe’en prank and nothing more. But things take a sinister turn when the entire village suffers severe poisoning, and one old man turns up dead.

Accusations abound in the small, close-knit community, and ‘old’ religions spar against ‘new’ while fear runs like wildfire through the streets. With so many potential motives and countless opportunities, there’s only one man who can help solve this particular mystery…

Released February 28, 2023
311 pages

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