Expeditionary Force 4,5,6 — Latest Reads

My latest "read" was actually the next three books in Craig Alanson's Expeditionary Force series. I started the series back in 2021 and then picked it back up this year. Since there are fourteen books in the series and a spinoff, I decided to focus on it for a bit.
Belvedere Vodka Presents Daniel Craig Header

Shaken Not Stirred…

This new marketing campaign by Belvedere featuring Daniel Craig got a lot of play in the media over the weekend. The centerpiece is an upbeat and engaging commercial that shows Craig "as himself." When it came across my daily feed on this weekend, I definitely had to watch.
John Michael Montgomery

Letters from Home — This Friday’s Song

Today is Veterans Day here in the United States. It is a day for all Americans to honor America's veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good. I chose "Letters from Home" by John Michael Montgomery to commemorate that.Hope you can take a few minutes today to listen and reflect. If you know a veteran, pick up the phone and thank them for their service.
Tropical Storm Nicole Expected Path

Batten Down the Hatches…

Hurricane Nicole made landfall in Florida today just to remind us all that Mother Nature sets her own schedule. We spent the night last night "battening down the hatches" here at our home in Tallahassee. Looks like will just be a rain event with 20-30 mph winds here. Hope everyone stays safe and has minimal impact from the storm.
Black Cherry Blues Cover and James Lee Burke

Black Cherry Blues — Latest Read

Finished up Black Cherry Blues by James Lee Burke. This is the third book in Burke's Dave Robicheaux series. This is a strong entry in the series, but I still feel it is hard to accept some of the choices and risks the main character makes.
2022 Leon County Election Guide

Ready to Vote?

Today will be the twenty-sixth time since 1972 I have voted in a Congressional election. This year we will vote to select a local representative to the US House of Representatives and one of the US Senators from Florida. The 26th amendment that gave US citizens the right to vote at 18 was passed in July 1971. Many people fought hard to extend this right and I have always felt it was my duty to exercise that right thoughtfully and responsibly.
Lunar Eclipse Nov 2022

Lunar Eclipse November 2022

Not as dramatic as the view from some parts of the world, but the November 2022 lunar eclipse here in Tallahassee was pretty stunning this morning. Remember to vote today if you haven't already!

The Parisian Agency — What We’re Watching

We watched The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties on Netflix last month. It features a family which runs a luxury real estate agency in Paris. It is in French with subtitles and we almost passed on it. We were really glad we didn't.
Z Barhdi's Patio

Date Night on the Patio at Z Bardhi’s

Finally catching up on journaling and wanted to share a great night out we had back in September. The weather had cooled off and I thought it would be nice to have our dinner "alfresco." When I looked for options, I came across Z Bardhi's Italian Cuisine which is located near the entrance to the Killearn Lakes subdivision north of Tallahassee. It seemed the perfect setting for our September "date night."
Cover of Our Man in Havana with shot from film in background

Our Man in Havana

I actually finished Our Man in Havana by Graham Greene back in September. I was in the mood for some well-written satire and this seemed to fit the bill when it came up on KU. I enjoyed it and will probably consider some of his novels in the future.
Be Still My Soul

Be Still My Soul — This Friday’s Song

This Friday's song is "Be Still My Soul" sung by Tami Neilson and Don McGlashan. This hymn is over 250 years old. When two incredible talents like these bring it to life, I think it speaks a truth that is as relevant as the day the words were first penned.
Human by Cody Johnson

Human — This Friday’s Song

This Friday's song is "Human" by Cody Johnson. This song reflects Johnson's East Texas roots and classic country style. It brings back lots of memories from my time living in Houston, Austin, and Dallas. Hope you enjoy!