Dalgliesh — What We Are Watching

Our latest Acorn TV find is Dalgliesh, a new series that was just launched.  It is based on the Adam Dalgliesh novels by P.D. James. If you like British crime mysteries, we recommend putting this one on your watch list.
The Gods of Guilt by Michael Connelly Banner

The Gods of Guilt — Latest Read

I am in the process of catching up on Michael Connelly's Lincoln Lawyer series featuring defense attorney Mickey Haller. The Gods of Guilt is the fifth book in the series.

The Fifth Witness — Latest Read

Finished up The Fifth Witness by Michael Connelly last week. This is the fourth book in Connelly's Lincoln Lawyer series featuring defense attorney Mickey Haller.
Eat, Drink and Talk Loud

November Date Night at Kool Beanz Cafe

We finally visited Kool Beanz Cafe in Tallahassee for our November "date night." We had a very relaxed, enjoyable meal and we will definitely be returning to explore the menu more.
Days Like This by Van Morrison

Days Like This — This Friday’s Song

This Friday's song is Days Like This by Van Morrison. This was the title song of a 1995 album and it became the official anthem of the peace movement in Northern Ireland. I love the inherent optimism of the lyrics, the easy beat, and the sax riffs. Hope you enjoy Days Like This.
Doc Martin

Doc Martin — What We Are Watching

We enjoyed Martin Clunes in Manhunt, so we decided to try Doc Martin. We had had it on the consideration list for a bit. Enjoying stories and Cornwall settings so far.

A Thoughtful Reminder about Change

I am reading a meditation from The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday every day. This thoughtful reminder was from yesterday’s meditation. Whether things are going pretty well or pretty badly, it can change in an instant.
WordPress Block Editor Tutorial

Recommended WordPress Block Editor Tutorial

I use WordPress for this site and extensively at work. The WordPress Block Editor has dramatically changed how WordPress sites are developed since it was integrated in 2018. If you haven't worked with it, here is a solid overview by Jamie Marsland of Pottlepress. Worth a watch.
Frank Sinatra

It Was A Very Good Year — This Friday’s Song

This Friday's Song is "It Was A Very Good Year" by Frank Sinatra. This song has a nostalgic, yet melancholy feel. The singer is older, "in the autumn of the year", and thinks back on the romances that defined key stages of his life.
Suspects on Acorn TV

Suspects — What We’re Watching

Our latest find on Acorn TV is Suspects, a British police procedural show that aired from 2014-2016. There are five seasons (or series as the British refer to them).