Sunrise on Amelia Island

It’s An (Amelia) Island Thing

It's An Island Thing

Teresa and I are taking a long-overdue break and heading to Amelia Island for the Labor Day weekend. We’ve never visited Northeast Florida before and are looking forward to exploring this part of the state. It has been way too long since we were near the ocean, so we are excited about that as well.

Here is the write-up about Amelia Island from their tourism development council site

Amelia Island is 13 miles long and two miles wide, with preserved park lands at its northern and southern tips, making up nearly 10 percent of the entire island!  Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Intracoastal Waterway, strong-currented Nassau Sound and one of the East’s largest and deepest inlets – Cumberland Sound – Amelia Island is edged with natural Appalachian quartz beaches and framed by sand dunes as tall as 40 feet.  

As always on our trips, I have a bunch of “surprise” activities planned while we are on Amelia Island. We will also be checking out what looks like some great dining spots (these are also a surprise). You never know, it is just possible we could wind up hanging out at a beach bar or two along the way. We will share things we liked here and on Facebook, but that may wait till we are back in Tallahassee next week.

Hope everyone has a safe and relaxing Labor Day weekend!

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