I'm Gonna Be Somebody by Travis Tritt

I’m Gonna Be Somebody — This Friday’s Song

This Friday’s song picked from our music collection is “I’m Gonna Be Somebody” by Travis Tritt. I think this was the song that first introduced my to Travis Tritt. He has a compelling, gutsey sound that draws you in. This song reminds us all of the power each of us has to achieve our dream if we believe in ourselves and are willing to pay the price.

Hope you enjoy!

Bobby played his guitar on the harder side of town,

where it’s hard for a poor boy to find the money.

He had dedication.

He had the heart and soul.

Somehow knew he was born to play.

People said, “Get a real job, support your family,

’cause there’s no future in the road you’re takin’.”

He never said a word. The dreamer just kept on.

Later at night you could hear him sing.

He said, “I’m gonna be somebody.

One of these days I’m gonna break these chains.

I’m gonna be somebody someday.

You can bet your hard earned dollar I will.

Songwriters: Stewart Harris / Jill Colucci
I’m Gonna Be Somebody lyrics © Peermusic Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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