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If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away — This Friday’s Song

This Friday’s song is If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away by Justin Moore. I picked this because I am thinking of my Mom today. Four years ago today, we had to rush her to the emergency room at Baptist Hospital. Hurricane Irma had hit Miami a few weeks before. The storm itself was not that bad for us, but power was out for several days. This was hard on all of us, but especially hard on my mother. We had a neighbor in the Gables with a generator who let us bring her over for a few days and then she was able to stay with my in-laws’ at their condo which got power back a few days after the storm. Despite that, she never seemed to bounce back. She was weak, didn’t really want to eat, and was not sleeping well. We called our family doctor who couldn’t see her right away, so we decided to go to the ER.

Unfortunately after a long painful day in the ER, she never came home. It’s always hard not to second guess yourself when something like this happens. Should I have gotten her out of Florida when the storm was approaching? What if I had taken her to the hospital earlier? The one thing I am certain of is I am glad we had lots of time with her during the last four years of her life. She drove us a bit nuts sometimes and I am sure we did the same to her, but I have some fabulous memories of this time we had together. I miss her having dinner with us and saying “…it’s delicious” like only she could.

Hope you enjoy If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away.

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