Hurricane Idalia Skirts By

Just finished most of the cleanup from Hurricane Idalia. Things looked like they could get pretty bad as it headed north and became a Cat 4 storm early this morning. It made landfall southeast of us and took a northeasterly track away from Tallahassee. Wind and rain were both pretty much done by lunchtime. The sun came out while I was out in the yard. We didn’t have any damage, lose power, or even any tree limbs falling. As always, we did have a lot of Spanish moss and pine cones everywhere. The amount of debris from this storm doesn’t compare at all to Hurricane Michael in 2018.

Hurricanes are a fact of life when you chose to live in the tropics. They obviously can cause tremendous destruction and loss of life. You must understand and respect them. You should always be thankful when “you miss a bullet” and reach out to help those who are impacted by these incredible forces of nature.

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